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Colored BubblesColor Bubbles

Ordlös lördag – Färgglatt.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

New dawn

I believe in enlightenment for our world to survive some more years. It will be a new dawn when we behave a little more intelligent.

WPC – Future Tense

WEC #11


“Like an open book”.

Out of this WEC #11:


Fängslande fokus

Fängslande fokusOrdlös lördag #49 – sv/fönster
Moderskeppet Guld

Cute Bike in Flower Power

Bike in Flower Power

Lund – the city of bikes and also Flower Power 🙂

Tema fredag – sött.
Ps. Man kan ta med cykeln på Finlandsfärjan och hälsa på invånarna i huset.

Anemone Green

Anemone Green


Ordlös lördag.


GenomskinligTisdagstema – Genomskinlig


Carpe diem

Carpe DiemOrdlös lördag – Fånga dagen.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Drip drop

It’s easy to be lost in details as a photographer. Today I was totally lost in waterdrops.

WPCLost in details

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward


Skissernas museum

Straight FORWARD to the Museum in Lund, Sweden.



Shadow horses

Shadow horses


Tema Fredag – Skugga


LilaLILA i Tisdagstema.


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