Wedding ring with a soul

Last year I published a picture of a ring I got from my husband. It’s a weddingring in silver. It was published in 365FOTO2011.

It’s a very special kind of genuin handicraft and the ring has a meaning and a soul.


A few days ago I got a telephonecall from the designer. He had seen my ring on Internet and promised to send some information about the ring. Today I got the info and I am very happy for it.


Above is my first picture of the ring. Today I took some more.


The designer Kenneth Norman and our King of Sweden.


I tried to open the page but it required login – that’s really a pity!
Wonder why????

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  1. i had an obsession (harmless crush type) on the prince of Sweden. The ring is really awesome, does it ever get caught on things?

  2. kateluthner79, 🙂 the prince of Sweden is handsome istn’t he 🙂
    No, the ring never get caught on things!

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